Thursday, December 15, 2011

Batu Pahat > Johor Bahru

I'm really tired. It's 11.32pm now and I'm here blogging because tomorrow I may not have time to blog so, maybe this is a quick would be beneficial because tomorrow I would be busy packing my luggage. For me, one day of packing is really not enough. Akmal was here for a week but we only met him once which was on his last day at Johor Bahru. And that was literally last minute plans. *covers eyes and shakes head 
On that day, they gathered at my house first and watched a horror movie, Paranormal Activity 3. After that, we headed to Jusco Tebrau City to watch Ombak Rindu which was suggested by Joanne. I was quite surprising when they mentioned about that movie because I've never watched any Malay movies with them. It wasn't bad though. All right, I'm really tired. I said it was gonna be a short post but ended up with a long post (if I continue). Well, some pictures and a video for today and that's how I'm going to end off. 

Winnie, Akmal, Michael, Nazreen and Me
Justin, Jesslyn, Joanne, Akmal, Emyliyana, Me, Michael and Winnie
Michael, Pavan, Akmal's dad, Justin, Jesslyn, Akmal, Emyliyana, Adrian, Joanne, Me and Winnie
 Just wanted to reiterate how great it was to meet his dad and thanks for treating us dinner :)

Very annoying indeed. Come on, we are teenagers *flips hair

I found this picture when I scroll down my Facebook newsfeed. They are so cute and adorable! 

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