Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Earlier today I realised that I haven't blogged for over a month when I thought it had been 2 weeks or so. Honestly, it had been a few days that I was thinking that I should write a blog post about something. But whoever has a blog would know that 'trying to write a post about something' is a tough job on blog. Either you feel like blogging, either you don't. These days, I don't feel like blogging. 

You know what, blogging is an exercise requiring to stop, look back, analyse and comment. These days I just feel like being and living. Of course I am living things that could comment about, such as how lifeless I feel right now or how much I dislike sentence starting by 'You should have...'. I could come up with an interesting post about my life in Subang Jaya for being a full-time maid for my eldest sister and about how flirty my driving teacher is. But as much as I am still a world observer, I don't feel like being a world reporter right now. This will come back most likely. Ahhhhh I'm feeling grumpy and uninspired. 

Oh yeahh before I forgot. If you follow me on twitter or a friend of mine on facebook or you're in my bbm contact list, you'd probably have seen all these photos but I'm still gonna post 'em because my blog is lack of my face

I think that's all I'm gonna write for today. I don't really know when I will write again, so do cherish for this post for now. Take care people! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I have a compulsive habit of deleting old blog entries (I deleted 10 just the other day) and now my blog is only left with a few posts. I also have a habit of throwing everything out. Although at first I felt scared to delete old posts because I think to myself, "Someday, I might really appreciate this". I usually delete my old pictures because I tend to have a "wtf why roguy" moment. And I don't think it's a bad thing. To me, looking back and being able to delete old posts/materials is a sign of growth. I delete things so I don't ever have to go back and see myself at that stage.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Batu Pahat > Johor Bahru

I'm really tired. It's 11.32pm now and I'm here blogging because tomorrow I may not have time to blog so, maybe this is a quick would be beneficial because tomorrow I would be busy packing my luggage. For me, one day of packing is really not enough. Akmal was here for a week but we only met him once which was on his last day at Johor Bahru. And that was literally last minute plans. *covers eyes and shakes head 
On that day, they gathered at my house first and watched a horror movie, Paranormal Activity 3. After that, we headed to Jusco Tebrau City to watch Ombak Rindu which was suggested by Joanne. I was quite surprising when they mentioned about that movie because I've never watched any Malay movies with them. It wasn't bad though. All right, I'm really tired. I said it was gonna be a short post but ended up with a long post (if I continue). Well, some pictures and a video for today and that's how I'm going to end off. 

Winnie, Akmal, Michael, Nazreen and Me
Justin, Jesslyn, Joanne, Akmal, Emyliyana, Me, Michael and Winnie
Michael, Pavan, Akmal's dad, Justin, Jesslyn, Akmal, Emyliyana, Adrian, Joanne, Me and Winnie
 Just wanted to reiterate how great it was to meet his dad and thanks for treating us dinner :)

Very annoying indeed. Come on, we are teenagers *flips hair

I found this picture when I scroll down my Facebook newsfeed. They are so cute and adorable! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friends' laughter flooding around

Just for you to know while I'm posting this post, I just got back from having dinner with Winnie Long, Adrian Yong, Joanne Chian, Michael Lim and another two new friends which I forgot their names. Do blame my forgetfulness *waves peace sign

Last Monday, I went to Nazreen Khan's house with Winnie, Joanne, Emyliyana Suhaimi, Michael, Adrian and Justin Low for a discussion on our New Year's plan. I'm hoping the plan will turn out to be a blast. At evening, Winnie decided to have dinner together with me, Nazreen and Adrian. So we went to KFC in Plaza Angsana which is the nearest fast food restaurant to Bandar Baru Uda. Nazreen was only there for awhile and leave early since he had a family dinner he can't miss it. So he left three of us. What a coincidence, we met Nithiyah Vijayan with her family having dinner at Plaza Angsana too. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take pictures of her. How was it going on? Carry on reading. 

For the time being, this is my dream car. Hate you Nazreen *sheds tears

Adrian Yong
Adrian Yong and Me
Winnie Long

I have really been craving chocolate for days now and fighting the craving is just making me grumpy. I think it is due to my higher levels of progesterone. But Michael and Adrian blessed me by buying me these. How can I not love these guys *hugs
I've realized that I go out almost everyday and I now running out of $$$. Anyhow, I'm trying as possible as I can not to ask money from my parents. I have to learn to save money and stop spending but usually, I fail. Anyways, I will be going up to Kuala Lumpur on this Saturday to spend time with my sisters. Can't wait for the day to come!

Monday, December 12, 2011

A farewell

So that was it. 5 years of secondary education full of sweet tears and blood. Drama, happiness, hatred, fun and giggles, reckless endeavours that put friendship to the test and just plain teen angst. 
Sathirien and Nithiyah Vijayan
Nithiyah Vijayan and Me
Siti Munirah and Me
Sara Adriana, Me and Amira Aisya
Of course high school isn't that bad, but it's melodramatic enough to put an emotional scar on all of us. I never thought I would ever graduate high school but here I am talking about dearly-missed school friends and getting a driving license, finding the will to get to where I want to go, which is being a Somebody, somewhere in life, but where do I start? How? 

Rachel Fernandez, Me, Yan Ru, Qi Xuan and Naomi Wong
Nithiyah Vijayan and Shaline Rajan
Me, Nithiyah Vijayan and Qi Xuan
Me and Nithiyah Vijayan
I've made a lot of good friends here in SIGS, and I have to say they are the closest classmates I have ever had. We went through a lot together, had our fair share of wonderful memories, and been through thick and thin with each other. I will never forget these people. They taught me a few lessons in life and made my last high-school years bearable and enjoyable. I will forever be grateful to them for making me see the light and warmth in life.

Hui Mei, Me, Joanne Chian, Jian Lynn and Winnie Long

I love my 5 Science 1 class <3
Have a good life ahead, guys. I can't wait for our first and hopefully 40th reunion in the future, with wrinkles and all.