Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friends' laughter flooding around

Just for you to know while I'm posting this post, I just got back from having dinner with Winnie Long, Adrian Yong, Joanne Chian, Michael Lim and another two new friends which I forgot their names. Do blame my forgetfulness *waves peace sign

Last Monday, I went to Nazreen Khan's house with Winnie, Joanne, Emyliyana Suhaimi, Michael, Adrian and Justin Low for a discussion on our New Year's plan. I'm hoping the plan will turn out to be a blast. At evening, Winnie decided to have dinner together with me, Nazreen and Adrian. So we went to KFC in Plaza Angsana which is the nearest fast food restaurant to Bandar Baru Uda. Nazreen was only there for awhile and leave early since he had a family dinner he can't miss it. So he left three of us. What a coincidence, we met Nithiyah Vijayan with her family having dinner at Plaza Angsana too. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take pictures of her. How was it going on? Carry on reading. 

For the time being, this is my dream car. Hate you Nazreen *sheds tears

Adrian Yong
Adrian Yong and Me
Winnie Long

I have really been craving chocolate for days now and fighting the craving is just making me grumpy. I think it is due to my higher levels of progesterone. But Michael and Adrian blessed me by buying me these. How can I not love these guys *hugs
I've realized that I go out almost everyday and I now running out of $$$. Anyhow, I'm trying as possible as I can not to ask money from my parents. I have to learn to save money and stop spending but usually, I fail. Anyways, I will be going up to Kuala Lumpur on this Saturday to spend time with my sisters. Can't wait for the day to come!

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